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Worst Countries for Women

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The image of the 21st century woman is prosperous, confident, glowing with health and excellence. For large portions of the 3.3 billion female tenants of our planet, the advantages of the new age never arrived. As International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, they keep on feeling the age-old lash of violence, suppression, ignorance, isolation and separation. Numerous nations, on the planet are victim of roughness against ladies. Here is a rundown of ten most exceedingly bad nations for live as a woman.

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10. Iraq


The US-drove attack to “liberate” Iraq from the hanged Saddam Hussain and imprisoned women in an inferno of sectarian violence that targets ladies and young girls.

9. Pakistan

Honor killing is more widespread here. This country saw around 1000 honor killings of women last year. Women are gang raped as punishment for men’s crimes.

8. India


In India, women account for 39 % of all adult HIV infections. Domestic violence is widespread against women around 70%.

7. Somalia


In Mogadishu, a vicious war has put women under attack. 95% of girls face genital mutilation between 4 and 11.


6. Mali


It is one of the poorest countries. Women are forced into early marriages and one in ten dies in pregnancy or childbirth.

5. Guatemala


Women faced domestic violence, rape and the second highest rate of HIV/ AIDS after sub-Saharan Africa.


4. Sudan


Sudanese women have made strides under reformed laws. Abduction, rape or forced displacement has destroyed more than 1 million women lives in 2003.


3. Democratic Republic of Congo


Women in the Congo face especially harsh realities around 1100 are rape devery day. 57 % of pregnant women are anemic.


2. Afghanistan


The average afghan girl will live only till 45 years. Number of women remains illiterate here. Up to 85% of women give birth with no medical attention.


1. Chad


Arranged marriages are still common and the girls are only 11 to 13 years. Sudanese women living in refugee camps in eastern chad, face rape and other violence’s.

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