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Why should you Date a Delhi Girl ?

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Hello fellas! Love season is here, good if you have found your Valentine, but for those who are still in search for “that special one”, I am gonna give you reasons as to why “Dilliwali girlfriend” should be on top of your list.

Caution : Severe generalization ahead, readers discretion advised.

Well, dating a Delhi girl is not so easy, she is extrovert, she is bubbly, she is fun but sometimes she will drive you nuts. She can be like your guy-friend enjoying daru-sutta with you but when it comes to shopping she will drag you to the thinnest alleys of the Sarojini nagar.

Don’t want to spend too much on a date, don’t worry Delhi ki kudiyan love their street foods. But remember you are going there because you love pani-puri, not because you want to save money.

A Delhi girl knows how to dress herself, a fashion-freak if you must say,  but when you wanna make your guy friends jealous, it got to be a Delhi girl.

best-pubs-in-delhiAre you up for a party? If you asked this question, believe me you will never hear no from her,  so if you are a party person, go ahead and ask a Delhi ki kudi,  she will dance with you apart from making you dance to her tunes. *wink

Girls are crazy drivers you may have heard this,  but dilliwali girlfriend will drive her scooty, car and sometimes your bullet too. Don’t worry about that. So, a 6 hour journey to somewhere is not a problem anymore she will drive half for you.

She will use such words which will give you a hearty laugh and after sometimes you will say “arey datt ja, ye kya bhasad macha rakhi h”. Believe me your vocabulary will increase manifolds.

She is bold, she is independent, she can take care of herself, so you need not to worry about her. She can very much do it herself.

So, go ahead try your luck and thank me later.

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