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Ways To Expand Your Comfort Zone

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Here are some tips for broadening your horizon and come out from your comfort area:


  • Ups and downs of your normal time are a part of life and therefore treat it as a gift somehow and enjoy every time weather happiness or sorrow. So I use to remind myself sometime to enjoy the life at any circumstances.
  • Try to watch something unique this time. If you watch thriller then try comedy this time. If mostly you are busy in documentaries then try some kind of animated Japanese movie.
  • Try to be offline sometime. I usually try to spend a day in a week offline and that is mostly Sunday or Saturday. It brings an immense change of pace and you will feel healthy, small and extra relaxing holiday. It also provides your Monday more fresh and energetic.
  • Try to carry out your work by walking or using bicycle instead of using car or bus service for that. Keep a specific time aside for exercising and having fresh air in your body before you went to work.
  • Try to go out if you are the one who use to spend time on work and home, and make a call to your friends for outing, may be for a short period of time even it is not a weekend.

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