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This new year, forget resolution, “have a dream”

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In the beginning of every new year, there is a much-hyped word used by people, that is ‘resolution’. Well, I don’t believe in resolutions. So, as new year unfolds itself, I set “dreams“, dreams that empower me, dreams that define me and dreams that make me better than the previous year. I believe there is a difference between resolution and dream. When I  see a dream, I set a vision,  which lets me see what would change in me, by the end of this new year, whereas resolution is more like an oath, which people take just for the sake of new year.

In conversation with dreams: (Please do not disturb)

It’s so nice to have a solitary conversation with you “dreams“, for you tumblr_m6h2yg1stg1r8ji70o1_500 don’t know how much I am longing to fulfill you. I promise to set you, for a definite period of time and put my heart and soul in it. This new year I am gonna see you more frequently, and won’t leave you in between. Trust me I can feel you getting fulfilled with the jest that was lacking in previous new years. I will chase you no matter what.I know this is gonna be tough, but I promise to cross all the barriers and come out a winner. I  will give you my whole heart in this process. I will change every negativity into positivity with hope. I am sure you are as excited as I am, for I am headed towards you with so much of energy and enthusiasm.

I hope everybody has this conversation with their dreams this new year and move a step ahead in their lives, and for every new year they should not only make resolutions rather see a “dream”.

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