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Things That Probably Only Happen in Dubai

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Various strange things are happening all over the world. Dubai is the city which is famous for considerable things, particularly when it comes to world records that need to do with luxury.

Dubai, The United Arab Emirates now holds the record for the largest man-made island, shopping center (3.7 million square feet), tallest building, a police force that has an fleet of luxury vehicles, including a Bugatti Veyron, and the world’s one and only seven-star hotel. The city has also many more luxury places to get entertained.

There are situations incorporate lions and tigers hanging out of car windows, traffic jam full of Ferrari’s, cell phones that cost more than all the money you’ll earn in your lifetime, and ATM machines that release gold bars.

You can promise that we never witness any of these things happening in Southern California. you can only see some of the activities like driving a Lamborghini car that smokes a Cuban cigar on the road.

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