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Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be In Love With A Punjabi Girl

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With killer looks and non-stop energy for life, Punjabi girls have always managed to make men’s heart skip a beat. A unique blend of modern and traditional, here are 18 reasons why it is simply awesome to fall in love with a Punjabi kudi for a lifetime.

1. What can be sexier than a confident and full-of-life girl?

Nothing. And this is why we all love punjabans!

When she steps out of the house wearing a Patiala suit, she looks like a stunner and you know that.


2. Punjabi girls are gifted cooks. From butter chicken to aloo ka parantha, they know how to cook the tastiest meal.

This is why they make the best wives, best daughter-in-laws and even the best moms.

We bet, not only you, but your mom will love her too.


3. And this is the reason why she can directly aim for the heart of a man.

She will just cook the best Punjabi meal ever.


4. She simply loves to dance like nobody is watching; in a slip second, she will switch from bhangra to hip hop.

She can teach you a step or two, and make you shake a leg by her sheer energy on the dance floor.



5. Killer looks, as if it runs in their blood; Bhatinda, Patiala, Delhi or elsewhere, she makes heads turn, every time.

From the perfect physique, to red rosy cheeks, they have it all. Most of them are also tall, which adds to how elegant they look.


6. She never grows dull or runs out of life; she’s vibrant, light-hearted and believes in living a happy life.


7. High on family values, she’s the type of girl you wouldn’t mind bringing home to meet your parents.

Punjabi girls know how to knit families and people, and ideally no parents would ever say No to a Punjabi girlfriend.


8. Punjabi girls are very resourceful and she’ll always jugadfor everything in the world.


9. From shopping at the malls, to bargaining with the sabziwalas, she will know how to make the best use of money.


10. Once she picks up her friends and lover, she’s totally loyal to them till the end.



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