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Reasons for you to gain weight to look good

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All the models or celebrities we adore and regard are not skinny. They look beautiful because of perfect curves. Looking beautiful can be seen in two aspects. The first one is to have sharp features and fair complexion. The second aspect of looking beautiful is to have attractive and tempting body. The first aspect is definitely god gifted however we are given scope to modulate our body as per the trend or requirement. Let us see the 20 reasons to gain weight and to look good.

  • Women prefer expect men to look perfect for feeling secured and protected while walking with them.
  • Same theory applies for men also, who wish to get beautiful women as their partners as their possessions.
  • Men’s choices are particular where they don’t prefer to look for skinny girls but they prefer to have perfectly shaped women.
  • More than giving importance for glamour, beauty and make up, people value physical structures and fitness.
  • Many have rejected you for being skinny then it’s time for you to show them your real personality by gaining weight.
  • More than sexy body, healthy and fit body is preferred.
  • Good looking and adaptability in different cloth types happen when you have perfect shape.
  • People do dream of owning right partner with good strength and healthy.
  • Take good care about your skin and body which should be appealing to win hearts.
  • Beautiful look is what everyone expects!
  • Gaining weight gives an appealing look to the person.
  • There are herbal products which provide appropriate weight to the person keeping them fit.
  • If you have a perfect weight and maintain it you would definitely look beautiful.
  • If you look weak people would bully you but if you are looking strong they would not tease you.
  • Gaining weight increases your confidence as you feel strong.
  • They look good on any kind of attire that they wear.
  • Every man wants women to have a good physic with perfect curves and a woman wants his man with perfect well built strong body which would bestow her feel of protection.
  • Definitely beauty defines perfection in every angle. The curvature in the body has to be perfect in all angles.
  • The important reason why one should gain weight is because being skinny does not look good at all.
  • It is time to wake-up for the call of new trend and to keep ourselves healthy, curvy and beautiful.


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