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My ‘Nirbhaya’ is gone : Nirbhaya Case

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“It was a day of May in 2015. It was in staring a normal day but end up with a huge pain and sadness, as I had to see dying my lovely and innocent sister archana. She was everything for me and that day i felt like my half body is burnt. She was totally fit and fine till the evening 9 p.m. Then I heard a phone call, the person asked me do you know Archana pandya? I answer yes she is my sister. Then the person asked me to visit at Trauma care urgently as my sister is in serious condition due to an accident. I just ran away leaving all work behind with a colleague to the place. When I visited there I heard only 2 sounds, my father’s voice that your sister is not anymore and mother’s voice “i want my daughter”.

I am not attempting to gain pity or sympathy by this post. I just want ask and clear some questions about that accident. A very high speed vehicle hit her at a very busy place at a time when streets are mostly rushed with people. At least the driver of the vehicle do a little help of her when she was bleeding badly that to pick her up and  take her to the pedestal adjoining that was opposite of hub mall.  If he showed some humanity and take her to the hospital which was just few steps far from that place or giving at least first aid to her, I am sure that she could survive.

People came and stared at her but nobody helped her, then police came from nearest police station. They examined and then took her to the nearest hospital. I have question for all those people too that why don’t they came forward and rushed her to the nearest hospital?

downloadNo doubt it hurts me like nothing else. People are very quick to take a matter like corruption, parliament talks, injustice in the country and a lot and then to make noise against it. But their aggression is limited only up to their noise making habit and they do nothing to correct it. After some time they forget everything they were crying for. Their habit of “just talk no act” makes them equal participants of the wrong.

People will fight against the police to find the hit and run criminal and release all pressure on them, while is it not  humanity for all the people gathered there, all rickshaw pullers and people crossing from there viewing it to take urgent steps to save a life??

For media it is not only news but a piece of entertainment too to call it breaking news without any reason and make people stick to their channels. I would request to all those media houses to help me finding the answers of my questions instead of it as the media is for people, by people and of people.

Archana was 22 years old; she was doing a job in MNC. After her training she started her job as first day on 8th May 2015. She was fond of her new job and she always used to talk about her to us. She was also getting feeling of self reliant and self confidence. This was the point when we saw her the most happy in her whole life. She also promised mom and dad to take them to Leh-Ladhak with whatever she will save till the next month.

She was for me a brave who face a condition in which she got only 20 minutes to fight for her life and she could do nothing else then hoping and expecting from people who generally do not come forward in such cases and if however they come, they are out of time.”

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