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Letter to Kashmiri youth: Even if you don’t like India, here’s why your best bet is to integrate J&K with it

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Dear Kashmiri buddies (those who don’t like India),

This is an open letter to some of the Kashmiri people who actually don’t like India being in this own place. We don’t know in particular, but something frightful is definitely happening in Kashmir Valley. The recent events such as celebrating by fire crackers when India lost T20 semi-final and students beaten for raising Indian flag in NIT Srinagar brought total nation’s attention.

As everyone know, there are locals in Kashmir Valley, who have their sentiments against India and even supporting Pakistan. They must have their own reasons to hate India.

However, there is another point here, how the future of Kashmiri valley will be better if co-ordinates with India. Many complicated issues that people are facing will be solved.

The actual story of Kashmir issue started when Pakistan attacked Kashmir and took half of it after the independence of India. Kashmir ruler asked for help of India, which in return Jammu & Kashmir became part of India.

Besides having an own constitution, more political independence than other states, foreign affairs and communications for Jammu & Kashmir, they never helped in resolving the issues faced. Pakistan took the advantage and started a militant movement by terrorism, which became hard to control by Indian army regardless of their many efforts. This is the main reason for hatred of Kashmir people towards India and eventually started “we hate India” slogans.

Now, coming to the solution, Kashmir youth can do more for the Valley. As everyone know, half of Kashmir is only in India and remaining half is acquired by Pakistan and China. In half of the India acquired, it is divided into three parts: Jammu, Ladakh and Valley and the major problem is in Valley. Only 7% that is 7 million people are living in Valley, which is approximately equal to the Chennai population.

With the threat of terrorism, there will be no peace and no security for development. You cannot afford a safe job in the Valley. Neither your local politicians will help you in that case. If you are a real Kashmiri youth, then come forward and join hands with the Indian government for a real business. 7 million population is not a big thing for development. The people of the Valley should ask for the removal of Article 370. Terrorism is not the solution to any problem, it just ruins the life.

Kashmiri youth should take the step forward and start the movement for removing the Article 370, which is not useful to Kashmir. Article 370 is just helping the local politicians, who can do nothing for the Valley. Stop blaming the Indian army, it is very tough to stop the terrorism in the civilized state without any damage. It is just too impossible to do. Stop burning crackers while India lost the match. If India fails, you will also fail.

Jai Hind. Jai Kashmir

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