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Who’s the real star?

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Yesterday the movie Dangal released and I see people going gaga over it, people writing reviews, people going to watch the movie, people comparing it with the movie Sultan, and what not, and I was taken aback by this hullabaloo.

I have always considered cinema to be overrated. I mean what’s the big deal about somebody doing acting and earning a living out of it. Why are they considered stars? They get so many privileges just because they are famous.I know there is a lot of hardwork that goes behind a movie or serial, but so is the case with everything. Nothing comes easy.If someone is a sweeper and does his work very efficiently, shouldn’t he be considered a star, well, he is doing his job and is very proficient in it. I mean what is the difference?

Don’t get me wrong even I watch movies and get impressed by actors, stories but what bugs me is that when I see people dying to shake hands with them, dying to get a date with them. Can’t people see it’s a fake date, you are going to be as nobody as you were before that. It is this crazy fandom that I am against.

At least people should correct themselves before saying. I am a big fan of  ‘Amitabh Bacchan’, Hey! do you know him personally. Your knowledge about him is as limited as what press presents. The correct thing in my view is I am a big fan of Amitabh Bacchan’s “work”.Well, I am a big fan of Amitabh Bacchan’s work.What are you?

I wonder what the so called ‘stars’ think about their crazy fans.And, then I watched the movie “Fan” and got my answer.

I see people praising the beauty of actresses and girls dreaming of the perfect bodies that they have, boys having crushes on them, this is so dumb! Does everyone know what they go through for having that perfect body ? and thanks to photoshops, autotuners and other modern tools that aid in that perfect shot.Again that is a part of their job isn’t it? Nobody will watch a movie if they (actor and actress) do not look good.

People always get attracted to the things they can’t do but want to do, in their minds. Here is how cinema manipulates them, it shows the protagonist fighting and rising amidst all odds, have the love of his life and then ” They lived their life happily everafter” comes. So, this is our mindset which makes them stars when in reality they are just doing their jobs.

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