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Indian Celebrities Who Will Do Anything for Publicity

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Whatever the field you work in there is a saying that “Hard Work and Talent Pays Off” but there are few people who want to earn name and fame without any hard work. Maybe it is business sector or political sector or bollywood sector these kind of people are easily visible. There are bollywood celebs who don’t have any significant talent and nor they want to work hard try to find shortcuts to gain publicity.

There are celebs hungry for publicity go on doing irritating things. Some names are given below :-  Rakhi Sawant, Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan , Poonam Pandey, Karishma Shah and many more.

Rakhi Sawant



Whenever the conversation of a female celebrity kiss with the popular singer comes than only one name comes to our mind is “Rakhi Sawant”.   She is more known for her fake swayamvar in a reality show but not got married.  She also tried to be in news by favoring some political party.

Rahul Mahajan



When Rahul lost his father  (politician Pramod Mahajan) to a tragic death it was expected that Rahul will take the place of his father  and will make the country proud but it is very said to say that he has no reflection of his father and he just  reversed his  image as he made a mockery of his life on national television. He also tried the reality show of marriage where he end up marrying Dimpy Ganguly which also not worked and now both of them are coming in reality shows making fun of their relationship, reducing Rahul to a laughing stock.

Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth

The biggest motor mouth of the lot, Sambhavna Seth knows her aggressive behaviour works for her and is her USP. A reality TV regular, Sambhavna tries to hog limelight with her unprovoked acts of short temper in reality shows and controversial statements about competing item girls, in the press.

Raja Chaudhary

Raja Chaudhary

The only thing one can remember about Raja Chaudhary is that he is TV actress Shweta Tiwari’s former husband, whom she divorced after enduring physical and mental torture. Raja used his personal life as a trump card for himself as he participated in various reality shows and spoke foul against Shweta Tiwari. She also hogs the limelight with repeated brawls under the influence of alcohol.

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan Smiling Face

Ajaz Khan is a small time TV actor who got his 15 minutes of fame during Bigg Boss season 7 where he happily posed as an antagonist in the Kushal-Gauhar love story. Known for his extreme temperament problems and emotional outbursts, whatever Ajaz does is for the cameras. Recently picking a fight with comedy king Kapil Sharma, Ajaz is nothing but a wannabe actor trying to grab a few eyeballs.

Kashmira Shah

Kashmira Shah _3_

If you combine bold statements, provocative dressing, blink-and-miss roles in movies and reality shows into one person, you get Kashmira Shah. Even the media is done with her unimaginative persona which has been the same ever since she entered showbiz.

Pooja Misrra

Pooja Misrra

Another Big Boss product, Pooja Misrra came prepared to the show and executed the plan really well. High voltage tantrums and mood swings in front of the cameras and controversial statements about the host of the show after eviction and voila! The Indian media is all over her!

Sofia Hayat


Sofia Hayat would have been another strip wonder had it not been for Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma who allegedly dated Hayat in the year 2012. Later, Sophia went around saying that she dumped Sharma, grabbing the desired media attention. However, Hayat couldn’t end her obsession with the cricketer and was at the centre of controversy once again when she dedicated her nude photoshoot to Rohit’s blazing innings of 264 runs.

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan

From creating the most talked about love story in the history of Bigg Boss to separating ways from Kushal after the show ended, Gauhar Khan looked like someone in need of desperate media attention lately. However, the biggest talking point remained the infamous slapgate incident which put Gauhar at the top of the media attention once again. Staged or real, it is ultimately Gauhar Khan who enjoyed all the fame!

Veena Malik


She’s not Indian but Veena Malik became a household name in India after her stint in Bigg Boss Season 4. The Pakistani actress was all theatrics inside the house and gained a lot of mileage with her romantic angle with fellow in-mate Ashmit Patel. Malik carried on her fling with the Indian media even after Bigg Boss and gave it fodder time and again with her controversial topless magazine covers (later refuted as morphed) and letter from Taliban among many other incidents!

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