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I Hope You Too Would Smile At Me In Return

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During our school days, whenever I saw you, I used to smile at you hiding love within myself and yearning that you would also smile at me in return. And you would smile at me in return.
I wish I should have expressed my love for you on time. I never did. Not only me my fate also responsible was for that because it never gave me a chance. I regret that I should have proposed earlier if not I should not have proposed you at all. I personally feel neither I nor you would really care about each other’s life after years. But now even while I write this, the only girl I thought about was you, the only girl I wanted to impress was you and the only girl I wished to be my near was you.

However, it was all over and too late to think, worry or wish likes these. In this world filled with million girls, I might find some girl better than you or some girl totally different from you or some other girl might find me and I might accept her, who knows it all? Yet I wish there was some other girl in this world who was another YOU. Might be then my regrets would be converted into ecstasies by another girl. I feel that my future life would be like this but there were also chances that I might become a drug addict and end my life in loneliness or might be something other, who knows? We could never guess how wheels of time is going to rotate and lives of ours are going to be shaken, but I believe I would meet you at some junction of time. When that happens, I would smile at you hiding love and pain within myself, yearning that you would also smile at me in return. I hope you too would smile at me in return.
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One Comment

  1. Deepak Rana

    March 24, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    Good thought..


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