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Bhopal Gas Tragedy – A Disaster That Never Stopped In A Day!

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Thinking of a day on December 2 and 3, 1984 our hearts would be stabbed with sorrows as that was the day many people have died. It was the most sorrowful moment happened during night. On that day, a particular chemical called Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) that got released out of a pesticide factory named “Union Carbide India Ltd”. The whole city turned into a gas chamber with the release of this chemical from the factory. People who have inhaled this chemical started vomiting.

Due to dehydration resulted from continuous vomiting people started to die.bhopal_2 The city grounds were then just filled with several dead bodies. India was first met with such accidental deaths for centuries where other natural disasters like earthquake, cyclones, flood have been experienced.  Government had no idea of how to handle this situation. Helping hands were needed by that time which was provided by a multinational company with US base named “Union Carbide Corporation (UCC)”. The industrial disaster was not over by then which resulted in serious consequences like TB, anaemic condition, etc.

Another way of looking at its serious consequences is that children who was born after that were become victim with the exposure of deadly gas by pregnant women and storing of many chemical wastes in the same factory found to have contaminated the water source. This source was dependent by many people living in the same city after the disaster who got seriously affected.

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