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Best Tips To Match Your Shirt With Your Pants

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Shirts and Pants are the routine and comforting wearable clothes for a man. Every guy

can only think of a shirt and pant, if he is fashionable or not. Whether an official

employee or a college going guy, pants and shirts are necessary. It became an essential in

men’s life.

However, some of the men find very difficult in matching them daily. They always prefer

someone around for the suggestion in matching, e it color combination, style or any

incident. The confusion is common for everyone.

To avoid confusions and someone to help, we are here to provide some best tips to match

your shirts and pants according to the situations.

1. Prefer opposite colors such as light shirt and dark pants and vice versa.

2. If you have a checks shirt then go with plain pants and same with any pattern on shirts.

3. Choose the right fabrics.

4. Universal colors of trousers.

5. Choose ever green pairs such as white and black.

6. Choose the colors of your clothes according to your skin tone. Too bright doesn’t

look good on dark complexion persons whereas too light doesn’t suites for average complexed persons.

Follow these tips, you will definitely get complements for your dressing sense.



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