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Best “Chalta Hai” attitude examples

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Can something ever approach the upbeat, sassy dismissal of these two words. Being an open challenge nothing can beat these two magic  words, an affecting lamppost or a deteriorating building, chalta hai can mysteriously make us – well, at any rate a couple of us – ignore everything and begin concentrating on something else.

Much the same as these gentlemen who just couldn’t set aside some time out to make the best decision:

1) The lady as cashier is doing nothing but wasting everybody’s time by playing cards at the working hours.


2) The 500 INR from the left end and 50 INR from the right end. This is what we call “Chalta Hai” attitude.


3) You can reach but you cannot reach. The staircase to heaven.


4) The media is the first and the best Chalta Hai attitude follower. The news reporter doesn’t really know what he is going to talk about.


5) An offer you most likely can’t refuse it.


6) Truck driver who spared himself an outing to the workman.




7) This gentleman who’s anticipating getting the mosquitoes tanked.


8) This ATM security man who can multitask with his 24X7 occupation.


9) This driver who has a master downpour spread for his seat.



10) This close relative who’s riding with her child like a BOSS.


11) This driver who’s introduced a high-affect airbag all alone.



12) This tenderfoot swimmer who’s taking all the fundamental insurances.


13) Chalta Hai attitude award goes to owner of this car.

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14) The author of this notification board doesn’t need you to eat the floor covering.

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15) This signboard that is demonstrating to you the best approach to paradise.


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