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Are girls’ clothes responsible for Rape

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I have stopped reading Hindi newspaper now-a-days. No, the paper guy did not suddenly stopped throwing newspapers to my balcony because I did not pay him. It was for the fact that I was fed up with the negative news. Everytime I go through pages of the newspaper I see there written in bold letters words like, rape, assault, minor rape, loot, and what not. Almost daily there are cases of rapes somewhere.

I happen to hear that some minister has commented that it was the “western way”  of dressing that was the cause of mass molestation case of Bengaluru. There has been several incidents of such comments. The saddening fact of something as disgraceful as rape, existing in our society was not enough that there are these lunatics blaming it on the clothes that girls wear. As ridiculous as it sounds, this also does not account for the cases of children getting raped. Were those little frocks too revealing for those testosterone charged men?

Well, my saying to “those saviours of culture” is that please define your “rape-proof dress”.We (the girls) are ready to wear that as long as you guarantee that there will be no cases of rape afterward. Anyways, what is the definition of a rape-proof dress? There isn’t actually, because it is not the dress, it is their pathetic mentality, cause if it was the dress, Burqa-clad women and children would not have been molested.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a solution for this issue, the country that considers girls as goddesses, it is hard to imagine something as appalling as rape happening over there. We,the preachers of moral value to the world,are letting this happen, that’s heartbreaking . It’s high time strong steps should be taken in this direction, and let our women (girls) get the respect that they deserve.

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