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5 Reasons why most Celebrity Marriages fail

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For running any marriage successfully four things are important trust, care, love and understanding.

These important aspects are not found in celebrity marriages because they give importance to their never ending allowances, career, priorities and their egos. They make their life a train wreck or a business proposition. They behave like small kids when it comes to money. They don’t want to spend time to understand each-other. They can be seen together hardly on award ceremonies.


In celebrity marriages this plays an important role because both are high profile and they constantly fight for the limelight, which is difficult. One of you needs to ride in the back seat so that Marriage can run successfully with understanding feelings of each-other.


This is one of the biggest reasons why most marriages don’t work so why celebrities are left behind? They are also humans. Importance given more to money can be the big reason for not working relationships because they are busy with their daily routine shootings and earning money so, how can they spend time together.


This can be one reason for running marriage life worst. Celebrities have shootings outside and they are unable to take time off work So, give importance to your relationship not your career.


When it comes to rumors for this word there is no place in the dictionary of marriage. This is something by which every actor is insecure because this leads to divorce directly.


After marriage “I” should becomes” we “ if this does not happen than there is some issues in the relationship. So, stop giving priority to yourself and understand your better half.

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